Quick Cookie Fix

Although I am trying to cut back on my sugar intake, sometimes┬átemptation┬átakes the better of me. Since I don’t have any prepared sweets in the house, I am forced to create my own confection. I never plan for these cookie creations, so I have to work with what I have in the cupboard. Tonight, I had just what I needed to make a half batch of whole wheat peanut butter cookies.

I’d like to think that the whole wheat aspect of the flour would make my snack healthier, but I’d also like to think that money grows on trees. Any way, these cookies turned out great. Dip them in almond milk, and you’ll find yourself in heaven! They took about thirty minutes altogether to make and bake. These cookies are more filling than others, so I’m not tempted to eat a million. Making the half batch helped with that too. End note: peanut butter cookies, good.

About Nat Co.

A young adult, just trying to learn how to cook.
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